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HABA Herber Deep Moisture Lotion 120mL

HABA Herber Deep Moisture Lotion 120mL

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A luxurious lotion is rich in damage care, moisture enhancement, and skin-beautifying ingredients.

A thick moisturizing lotion that fills the skin with moisture as it begins to show its age. No need to apply more than one layer.

◎Damage care and moisture enhancement all at once.
Moisturizing and glutinous with a mild texture.
Rich in skin-beautifying ingredients. Rich in beautiful skin ingredients.
Platinum (platinum) nano colloid
Cactus extract
Hydroxyproline ・Comenuka extract
Hyaluronic acid
Ceramide nanosome
Of the ingredients in the formula, only platinum nanocolloid is an antioxidant in the product. All other ingredients are moisturizing.
Easy to use a push-bottle container that blends well with the skin.

120mL (Thickening Moisturizing Lotion)