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HABA Herber Medicated Whitening Squalane 30mL

HABA Herber Medicated Whitening Squalane 30mL

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Squalane for skin whitening*1.

Squalane as a finishing touch for clearer skin.

Fusion of Squalane and Vitamin C
Softens the skin
Pore care
The features of squalane are maintained, but an active whitening ingredient: vitamin C derivative*2 is added. It penetrates deep into the keratinized skin layer to exert its whitening effect, leaving your skin feeling moist and clear. After applying lotion, just one drop is all it takes to complete your skin whitening regimen.

Light and smooth feeling
Even with the addition of vitamin C, squalane retains its familiarity and gentleness to the skin. It does not feel sticky or heavy. It is a clear, colorless cosmetic oil with a light and smooth feel.

It is a medicated whitening oil with good penetration. For first-time users and those with sensitive skin, please try a sample.

*1 Suppresses melanin production and prevents sun spots and freckles caused by exposure to the sun.
*2 Ascorbyl tetra 2-hexyl decanoate EX

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Ascorbyl Tetra 2-hexyl Decanoate EX*, Squalane, Natural Vitamin E
*: Active ingredients, No mark: Other ingredients