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HABA: Jewel of the Sea Koujun 20g

HABA: Jewel of the Sea Koujun 20g

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Treats dryness and improves elasticity and clarity. Squalane paste and 6 beauty ingredients approach aging skin.

The moisturizing power of kneaded squalane "Jewel of the Sea" is combined with anti-aging* ingredients. A new sensation that spreads easily over dry areas, leaving skin moisturized for a long time. Gently wraps dry skin with a light touch that is not sticky and can be used even before makeup. It can also be used on sensitive areas such as cracked and flaky skin.
*Age-appropriate moisturizing and firming care

Squalane 1: Harbor's strongest moisturizing paste that prevents dryness for a long time.
Astaxanthin 1 Supports age-defying clarity
Human ceramide 1: Moisturizes and smoothes the skin
Coenzyme Q101 for firmness and moisture
Licorice-derived ingredient 1 Moisturizes chapped skin
Vitamin EC Conjugate 2
Vitamin E*2

20g (Squalane paste) *1 Moisturizing ingredient, *2 Antioxidant of the product