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HABA Two Way Gel

HABA Two Way Gel

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The double effect of massage and pack cleanses pores and improves moisturizing power.

A new ingredient is added to the two-way gel that provides a warm sensation just by spreading it on the skin, as well as the double effects of pack and massage. After washing off, your skin will be smooth, bright, and moist. Recommended for use when dark circles under the eyes are a concern or on cold mornings to help makeup go on better!

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Glycerin / Water / Pentylene glycol / Rice fermented liquid / Squalane / Glycyrrhizic acid 2K / Cocos nigrum fruit extract / Hibiscus flower extract / BG / Propanediol / Carbomer / K hydroxide

Precautions for use

Use your index finger lightly.
If it does not glide well, increase the amount.
The skin will feel warm and fuzzy due to the thermal effect of the pack.