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HACCI 1912| HACCI's JAPAN. HACCI Lipstick 3g

HACCI 1912| HACCI's JAPAN. HACCI Lipstick 3g

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Product Introduction

1. a rich treatment lipstick that melts into your lips as soon as it touches them.
The "Sarasouju Butter²" from the seeds of the Sarasouju tree, known as one of the sacred trees of Buddhism in northern India, adds smoothness. Avocado butter, which melts like fresh cream from the avocado fruit, adds moisture and elasticity. Two kinds of butter that melt on your skin and honey create a new sensation of mouth-watering lips.
Luscious, glossy, and plump lips for 24 hours of happiness!
Honey, royal jelly extract¹, beeswax¹, and sodium hyaluronate¹ add moisture to your lips. Skin-friendly mineral oil⁴ and soybean oil⁴ veil the lips to create a soft shine. The beauty ingredients⁵ focus on plumping lips for a plump, seductive look that feels moisturized and supple. Apply a dab before bed to guard your lips around the clock.
Fragrance-free, natural color, natural blood color for your lips.
The deep golden color is the natural color of pale yellow carrot root extract¹ and reddish-purple purple root extract¹. It supports the health of your lips and gives them a natural bloody look.

*¹Moisturizing ingredients
*²Moisturizing ingredient season seed oil
*³ moisturizing ingredient hydrogenated avocado oil
*⁴Emollient ingredients
*⁵Conditioning ingredients

How to use

Squeeze out about 5mm from the container and apply directly to lips. Do not overdose or it may break.