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High Density Facial Cleansing Brush Premium Type KQ-2022

High Density Facial Cleansing Brush Premium Type KQ-2022

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Product Introduction

Unique S-shaped brush! The S-shaped brush is designed to fit the uneven surface of the face. PBT bristles used! A unique combination of PBT crimped bristles (wave-shaped bristles) and straight bristles creates a chunky lather. The voluminous bristles scrub dirt out of pores and gently cleanse. The large brush area can be used not only for the entire face but also for the décolleté area. Special handle shape! The handle is a luxurious pearl white color. The handle is self-supporting so that the bristles do not get squashed and can be temporarily placed while washing your face. Comes with a string to hang it up to dry after use.

How to use

Put facial cleanser on your hands, moisten with water, and lather up with the brush.
Then, gently stroke the nose, chin, and neckline.

Material ・ Material

Bristles: PBT bristles
Handle: ABS plastic

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