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HACCI's JAPAN. HACCI Body Cream 180g

HACCI's JAPAN. HACCI Body Cream 180g

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A luxurious blend of essential oils in a honey base.
The finish is as exquisite as that of a luxury face cream.
A body cream with a rich texture that contains rare and precious natural oils.
You will be enveloped in a "scent that makes you want to fall in love" that captures the atmosphere of Paris...

Honey spiral for dense moisturizing
A rich blend of honey¹, beeswax¹, and royal jelly extract¹ that creates a beautiful spiral for a moisturized body. Meadowfoam oil¹ and squalane*¹ keep your body smooth and supple.
A handsome scent of 9 precious natural oils that will make you want to fall in love.
HACCI's original fragrance makes you feel happy and gentle to be a woman. Precious oils from natural herbs around the world have been blended in the best balance. The rich fragrance brings out the natural beauty of women.
Rich yet light
The texture is moist and absorbent like a high-quality cream, but light when spread. You can enjoy comfortable care.

*¹ Moisturizing ingredients

How to use

Dispense an appropriate amount onto the palm of the hand and apply to décolleté, arms, legs, and other parts of the body.