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HACCI's JAPAN. HACCI Fermented Liquid Cream 32g

HACCI's JAPAN. HACCI Fermented Liquid Cream 32g

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Fermented liquid cream that blooms with dignity
For glowing skin that continues to moisturize by strengthening the core
Texture Avoids environmental stress² with the power of honey fermented liquid¹ and plants.
For strong skin that connects to the future.
This cream is dense, yet melts into the skin. The surface of the skin is honey-wrapped for a dependable finish. The surface of the skin looks strong and honey-wrapped.
It leads to skin that is resistant to fluctuations and leads to beautiful skin in the future.
Honey: Eternal radiance. A symbol of prosperity, orange honey³.
The honey of the orange flower, which has keywords such as prosperity and bride, is used.
It moisturizes the skin, prevents skin irritation, and gives it a lustrous look.
Essence Protects against external damage. For comfortable skin
Supports the barrier function of the stratum corneum, maintains moisture, and protects against environmental stress². Snow Algae⁴, extracts of Edelweiss, a rare flower that grows in the high mountains⁵, and Chamomilla Recutita*³ create beautiful skin that is moisturized, smooth and glowing.

*¹ Saccharomyces/(pineapple fruit/honey/sucrose) ferment, a moisturizing ingredient
*² Due to external factors such as UV rays and dryness
*³ Moisturizing ingredients
*⁴ Moisturizing ingredient, Coenochloris Sinensis extract
*⁵ Edelweiss callus culture extract, a moisturizing ingredient

How to use

Take a pearl-sized amount in your hands or a spatula and carefully apply to your face.
Use for approximately one month.