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HACCI's JAPAN.LLC HACCI Fermented Liquid Lotion 2 (Moist) 150mL

HACCI's JAPAN.LLC HACCI Fermented Liquid Lotion 2 (Moist) 150mL

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Fermented liquid lotion that awakens
For smooth, fresh skin.

The difference in texture starts the moment it is applied to the skin. High penetration power that draws you in¹.
The power of honey fermented liquid² can be felt directly in the lotion.
The lotion has a pleasantly thick texture that, when blended, is easily absorbed into the skin, filling it with moisture.
It's as if your skin has just woken up, and the moisture spreads all at once, raising your expectations for tomorrow's skin rather than today's.
It feels fresh and moisturizing.
Honey The queen of herbs, lavender honey³ is the start of beautiful skin.
Lavender flower honey is used.
The honey from the lavender flower is used to tap into the skin's potential for a vigorous start to beauty.
Essence Smooth skin while caring for environmental damage
Contains algae snow algae⁴ and saxifrage extract³ that can live in harsh environments.
The pleasantly thick lotion penetrates the skin as if it is being pulled in easily¹.
It protects the skin from environmental stress*⁵ and makes it smooth and even-toned.

*¹ Penetrates the stratum corneum
*² Moisturizing ingredient, Saccharomyces/(pineapple fruit/honey/sucrose) ferment
*³ Moisturizing ingredient
*⁴ Moisturizing ingredient, Coenochloris Sinensis extract
*⁵ Due to external factors such as UV rays and dryness

How to use

Dispense a 500-yen coin-sized amount into your hand and carefully apply to your face.
Use for approximately one month.