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High Density Facial Cleansing Brush KQ-2021

High Density Facial Cleansing Brush KQ-2021

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The unique triangle-shaped brush is designed to reach even the smallest of areas. The triangular brush is designed to reach small areas such as around the eyes, where makeup tends to remain, and the nose, where dead skin cells tend to clog. PBT bristles are used. Uses ultra-fine PBT bristles that are smooth and soft against the skin. The high-density bristles provide high cleaning power and good lathering. The handle is compact and easy to use and can be gripped at the base of the brush. A hook hole for hanging the brush to dry after use, and a shape that makes it easy to lay flat for temporary storage while washing your face.

How to use
Put facial cleanser on your hands, moisten with water, and lather up with the brush.
Then, gently stroke the nose, chin, and neckline.

Material ・ Material
Bristles: PBT bristles
Handle: ABS plastic

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