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Hotei Syuhkoen Honten  / Super catechin healthy green tea 30P 5 bags set

Hotei Syuhkoen Honten / Super catechin healthy green tea 30P 5 bags set

Hotei Syuhkoen Honten
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Superfine Green Tea SOD Power
The healthy power of green tea in a convenient and tasty way!

Catechins, which break down fats and inhibit active oxygen, are blended into first-grade tea and packaged in a triangular package.

SOD (Superoxide Dihydrostase) is a detoxifying enzyme that neutralizes active oxygen produced by stress and strenuous exercise. SOD is produced in the body until the age of 25, but after middle age, the body's ability to produce SOD declines, causing it to be unable to control active oxygen, which accelerates aging and causes lifestyle-related diseases. This is the reason why we need to be careful.
By continuing to drink "Super Catechin Healthy Green Tea," you will be able to
By continuing to drink Super Catechin Healthy Green Tea, you will be able to obtain SOD-like titer (the ability to work like SOD).

This healthy tea is packaged in a triangular pack for easier consumption.
It can be used as a healthy daily drink, or as a tea for entertaining since the tea is cut and finished in a unique way.

Manufacturer Name
Fukurobukou Kouchunen Honten Sekime Factory

Green tea

Country of manufacture

100g (5g x 30 bags) x 5sets

How to use

Delicious way to drink (for 2~3 servings)
Put one bag in a teapot and pour boiling water into it.
Wait about 5~10 seconds for the tea to infuse.
Pour a little bit of the tea into a teacup. The trick is to pour out every last drop for the best taste.


Green tea (produced in Japan)

Storage and handling precautions

Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

The freshness of the tea is important.
Please drink as soon as possible after opening the package.