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House  Wellness Foods  / Black Bean Cocoa 234g

House Wellness Foods / Black Bean Cocoa 234g

House Wellness Foods
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A single serving (18g) contains 9.0mg of black bean polyphenol and soy isoflavone aglycon and 1.8μg of vitamin D. It is a food with nutrient functions to support your daily health.
This powdered cocoa is made from a variety of black beans called "Tanba Kuro" and can be drunk with hot water or milk every day.


Sugar, cocoa powder (21-24% cocoa butter), creaming powder, roasted black bean powder, yeast extract, salt, soy isoflavone, emulsifier, vitamin D, (contains milk ingredients)

Nutrition Facts

(per serving (18g)) Energy 69kcaLProtein 1.5gFat 1.3gCarbohydrate 12.7gDietary fiber 1.5gSodium 33mgVitamin D 1.8μgSoy isoflavone aglycon 9.0mgPolyphenol 139-205mg