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i-style Rishan Horse Oil Face Mask 5pcs

i-style Rishan Horse Oil Face Mask 5pcs

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Contains high-quality domestic horse oil
Horse oil is extremely close to human sebum and is known as an all-purpose oil. It goes on smoothly, penetrates quickly, and is not sticky.

Hokkaido horse placenta, an anti-aging ingredient
This product contains horse placenta extract extracted from the placenta of a thoroughbred racehorse from the Hidaka region of Hokkaido.

It contains hundreds of times more amino acids than porcine placenta extract, and is nanosized for superior permeability and moisture absorption.

Contains astragalus extract from Hokkaido
Astragalus membranaceus extract has been known as a panacea, but it is also good for beauty, and is said to improve the moisturizing power of the stratum corneum and improve the texture of the skin.

Contents: 5 sheets (1 sheet x 5 bags)

Country of origin: Japan