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Iemon| Uji-no-Tsuyu    Genmai-tea with Matcha 200g

Iemon| Uji-no-Tsuyu Genmai-tea with Matcha 200g

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"Iemon Genmaicha with Matcha Green Tea 200g is a green refreshing Genmaicha with Matcha green tea. It is a blend of fragrant brown rice tea and stone-ground matcha. You can enjoy the refreshing color and taste.
How to drink it (standard for one person)
Use boiling water. Pour 130ml of hot water (boiling water) into 4g of tea leaves. Pour 130ml of boiling water over 4g of tea leaves. Infusion time is about 30 seconds.
How to make cold tea
Pour 250ml of cold water over 6g of tea leaves. Wait about 90 minutes before pouring.

Use caution when handling boiling water.
In the first infusion, most of the matcha will be gone, but in the second infusion, enjoy the flavor of the sencha.
If you use cold water, the tea will be less astringent and more mellow.
The tea leaves will decompose and deteriorate over time, so be sure to replace them with new ones.


Ingredients: Green tea

Precautions for use

Freshness of tea is important. This product is nitrogen-filled and packaged to maintain its fresh flavor.
How to store
Keep away from high temperature and high humidity.