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IPSA Clear Up White Mousse 110g

IPSA Clear Up White Mousse 110g

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A foaming whitening* serum that removes unwanted stratum corneum while cooling down hot summer skin with cool foam. Even in summer, when it is difficult to feel the effects of good care even though you are taking good care of your skin under the harsh environment of rising temperatures and strong UV rays, the new habit of wiping off your face with the cool foam after cleansing will lead to fresh, clear and beautiful skin.

Whitening means suppressing the production of melanin and preventing spots and freckles.
Some stores may not carry this product.

Directions for use

Apply to cleansed skin.
Apply a slightly smaller amount than a ping-pong ball to a cotton pad and blot half of your face from forehead to cheeks. Use the other half in the same way.