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IPSA Cooling Body Protector 100g

IPSA Cooling Body Protector 100g

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A cool foam body protector that feels good every time you put it on, created in response to people who don't want to apply heavy, hot sunscreen in the summer when their skin is sticky with sweat and sebum. Whether it's a busy morning or a hot afternoon, it protects your skin from the effects of UV rays and airborne particles, leaving your skin clean and beautiful with a cool, moisturized feeling. Can be washed off with your regular cleanser.
SPF30 PA+++.

Contains skin clearing complex (tea leaf extract, white clover polysaccharide, glycerin) (moisturizing ingredient)

How to use

Shake the container well before use and apply head up.

Apply an appropriate amount to palm of hand and blend evenly in a circular motion.

Do not use too much or you will not get the full effect of UV protection.

Reapply as needed after sweating or wiping with a towel.

The SPF and PA indications on the product are measured in accordance with ISO24444 for SPF and ISO24442 for PA.

SPF and PA are measured in accordance with ISO24444 and ISO24442, respectively. 〇 Measured by applying 2mg of the product per 1c㎡ of skin as specified in the International SPF Test Method.