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IPSA Creative Oil (Sheer Gold)

IPSA Creative Oil (Sheer Gold)

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An oil that recreates the life of bare skin. This oil blends well with the skin and is "oil-formulated" to enhance the sense of unity between makeup and bare skin, recreating a lively and realistic sense of life.
It can be applied partially before or after foundation, or blended with retexturizing foundation, depending on the desired finish for each individual.
Sheer Gold is a sheer glow with a dewy sheen.

How to use

Shake the container well before use.
After applying makeup base, press the bottom of the container to dispense a small amount onto palm and spread from the center of the face outward.
Can be mixed with Ipsa Retexturing Foundation. To mix with Ipsa Retexturing Foundation, mix 1 to 2 drops of the foundation in the palm of your hand, and then spread over your face.
Adjust the amount used according to your preference of finish.