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ME is a lotion that brings out the natural beauty of your skin ME is a cosmetic liquid that is tailored to each individual's skin and brings out the skin's natural beauty.
It focuses on the relationship between beautiful skin and oxygen. It breathes life into the beauty of each individual.
The unique ingredient "OX-ME ingredient α" (*2) fills each cell (*1) with moisture, leading to skin that is full of vitality and elasticity, fresh and clear.

Recommended skin type
ME 3 is recommended for skin that feels fresh and smooth, but also partially flaky and oily.

z Non-comedogenic and allergy tested
〇 Contains rosehip oil (emollient ingredient)
0 m-Tranexamic acid(*3) (medicated whitening active ingredient)
Contains Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (active ingredient for medicated skin irritation prevention)
*1 Stratum corneum cells
*2 OX-ME ingredient α (fireweed extract, honey, glycerin) (moisturizing ingredient)
*3 Tranexamic acid

Directions for use

Apply to skin morning and evening after cleansing.
Apply 3 times the amount of the dispenser to a cotton pad and apply slowly and carefully to face.
Finally, wrap the entire face with the palm of your hand to blend.