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IPSA Skin Charge CS Essence 30ml

IPSA Skin Charge CS Essence 30ml

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An anti-aging* medicated serum that prevents damage caused by ultraviolet rays, sweat, and sebum.
Anti-aging* serum that prevents damage caused by UV rays, sweat, and sebum. This anti-aging* serum smoothes out pores and leads to fresh, supple skin.

As we age, we begin to feel the "first turning point" of our skin. Heat, ultraviolet rays, sweat, and sebum cause the skin to become loose and sticky, and even the pores become slack and widen into a dripping shape. The uniquely formulated moisturizing ingredients "active yeast extract" and "ginkgo Biloba extract" help to make the skin smooth and free of pores, and give it a fine elasticity. In addition, "Double Barrier Actor IV" adheres to the skin's surface as an artificial barrier to protect the skin from the external environment while improving its texture.

*This is an age-appropriate skincare product.

Recommended for the following people
For those who are concerned about the appearance of pores.
For those who are concerned about the appearance of pores. ● For those who are concerned about drip-shaped pores.
For those who are concerned about the loss of elasticity and loosening of the skin.
For those who are concerned about the effects of UV rays, sweat, and sebum on the skin.

Tightens the skin and prevents slack pores.
There are two types of pores that widen vertically due to loss of elasticity and firmness. There are two types of pores: wrinkled pores, which are caused by dry air and cold weather, and wrinkled, dry skin that has lost its flexibility. The other type is "slack pores," where the skin is loose and sticky due to strong UV rays and excessive sebum.
Skin Charge CS Essence is a serum that prevents "slack pores". It tightens the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of loose pores.

Ginkgo biloba extract and peony extract are newly added. For tighter skin without looseness.
Extracted from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba, a plant with high vitality. Ginkgo biloba extract, a moisturizing ingredient extracted from ginkgo leaves with high vitality, has been added to the formula to keep the skin fresh and smooth, and to prevent it from loosening. It also contains peony extract, which suppresses the secretion of excessive sebum and prevents the generation of unsaturated fatty acids that open pores.
These two extracts prevent damage caused by ultraviolet rays and sebum and lead to tighter skin without loosening.

Activated yeast extract gives skin a firm, supple appearance.
Yeast, which is indispensable for sake brewing, is a microorganism with high vitality that can adapt to harsh environments. Ipsa has focused on the power of this yeast. We devised a medium for growing yeast and produced active yeast extract, a moisturizing ingredient, under extreme conditions of stress caused by ultraviolet rays and hydrogen peroxide. This extract gives the skin, which is concerned about pores and dryness, a high-quality elasticity, as if water were rising from deep in the stratum corneum, with no room for loosening.

Double Barrier Actor Ⅳ improves the skin's texture while reducing the appearance of pores.
Double Barrier Actor IV, which prevents moisture evaporation and improves skin texture, and the oil barrier, which holds in moisture, form a mosaic structure to create a strong artificial barrier that adheres to the skin surface. In addition, "active yeast extract" holds moisture in the barrier and keeps it in place, keeping skin firm and moisturized, and improving texture.

Directions for use

Apply morning and evening.
Dispense 2 pushes (approx. 0.3mL) of the dispenser onto the palm of the hand and blend over the face.