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IPSA Target Effect Advanced S 30g

IPSA Target Effect Advanced S 30g

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This cream is designed for skin that is concerned about the appearance of pores and gravity on the face line. This cream leads to a refreshed skin full of firmness. The rich, thick texture delivers moisturizing ingredients without leaving a sticky residue while maintaining firmness on the outside for a tighter skin impression. Take care of your skin now and in the future before it starts to accumulate excess. For those who want to self-manage the skin on their face line.

-SOD Triple Recharger (cherry leaf extract, ginkgo Biloba extract, tallow extract, glycerin) (moisturizing ingredient)
-Deep S target ingredient (pine extract, glycerin) (moisturizing ingredient)
-Contains Vitamin E derivative and Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, active ingredients for medicinal use

Directions for use

z Use at the end of your morning and evening care routine.
Apply a small amount of the product to the face using the spatula provided.
The recommended amount to use is about 1cm (about 0.3g) at the tip of the spatula.