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Island  / Sano Ramen Banri 4 servings 640g

Island / Sano Ramen Banri 4 servings 640g

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Banri is a very popular restaurant in Sano.
The root of its popularity, which is said to be one of the best in Sano, is its "taste.
The excellent soup is a mellow soy sauce flavored soup with richness and definite flavor with leeks, and the unique wide noodles have an exquisite taste that goes well with the soup.
It is a very popular restaurant that attracts many customers from other prefectures as well as from the local area.
Enjoy the ramen of a famous restaurant with a long line of customers at home.

Product Description
Ingredients [Noodle] Wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), reduced syrup, salt, wheat protein/processed starch, tartaric acid, brine [Seasoning] Soy sauce, lard, salt, pork extract, chicken extract, flavored oil, sugar, dried fish extract, bonito extract, spices, yeast extract / tartaric acid, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), thickener (processed starch)
Place of production Japan
Size 183×55×246(mm)
External weight (g) 780
Contents 640g for 4 servings (120g noodle x 4, 40g seasoning x 4)