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Island  / Wakayama Ramen Ide Shoten 3P 630g

Island / Wakayama Ramen Ide Shoten 3P 630g

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Ide Shoten is a famous ramen store that produces Wakayama Ramen, the local ramen in Wakayama.
In 1998, Ide Shoten won the first prize in a ramen TV program and quickly made "Wakayama Ramen" known nationwide.
Ide Shoten started out as a food stall in 1953. One day, shortly after opening, the founder, Tsuyako Ide (the owner's mother), accidentally overcooked the soup and made it cloudy.
However, the soup was so rich and delicious that she decided to keep the taste.
Noodles 110g x 3, Soup 100g x 3