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ITO EN Oi Ocha Sarasara Hojicha 40g

ITO EN Oi Ocha Sarasara Hojicha 40g

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This instant hojicha is made by carefully roasting a blend of fragrant ichibancha tea leaves (100% domestic tea leaves) over an open flame (you can enjoy about 50 cups).

Store away from high temperature and high humidity.

12 months

How to use

How to drink (standard)
Please be careful with boiling water.
(1) Place a teaspoonful (about 0.8g) into a teacup.
(2) Pour hot or cold water (about 100cc), let it dissolve, and drink.
*You can enjoy it hot or iced.


Name: Green Tea (Instant Hojicha)
Name of Ingredients: Green Tea (Instant Hojicha), Hojicha (Bancha, Ichibancha), Dextrin, Cyclodextrin, Vitamin C
Name of raw material origin: Japan (tea)

Cautions for use

Please drink as soon as possible after opening the package.
The oxygen absorber inside the bag is inedible.
Please note that the oxygen absorber inside the bag is inedible. If water gets inside the bag, the granules may dissolve and harden into a candy-like substance.
Dextrin is made from plant starch, and cyclodextrin is made from a ring of dextrins. Cyclodextrin is a ring of dextrins. It is used to make granules that are easy to dissolve while retaining the delicate flavor of tea.
This product is manufactured in Japan.