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K&K Canned Food Corned Beef Yukke Style x 48 pcs.

K&K Canned Food Corned Beef Yukke Style x 48 pcs.

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"This is the basic Can-Tsumas series that makes it easy to enjoy Can-Tsumas.

Canned foods that can be enjoyed as snacks are called "Can-Tsumas.
It is a snack like yukke with the flavor of sesame oil and peppercorn. You can add an egg yolk on top if you like.


Ingredients: Beef, sesame oil, pepper paste, salt, garlic paste, soy sauce (including wheat), beef fat, gelatin, agar, spices, sodium caseinate (derived from milk), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), colorant (sodium nitrite), antioxidant (vitamin C)

Cautions for use

When opening the can and taking out the contents, be careful not to hurt your hands with the cut end.
When heating, transfer to another container and heat.
If you want to heat it, transfer it to another container. If you have any leftover, please transfer to a glass container and store in the refrigerator for later consumption.
There may be some protein floating in the liquid, but this is not a quality problem.