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Kabaya /  Fruit throat lozenges

Kabaya / Fruit throat lozenges

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This is a throat lozenge containing orange juice and quince juice. Orange juice 3% (fresh fruit juice equivalent), quince juice 1% (fresh fruit juice equivalent). Contains vitamin C.


Orange, soybean

Sugar, starch syrup, herbal extract, concentrated orange juice, concentrated quince juice, quince extract, acidulant, flavoring, vitamin C, annatto color, seasoning (amino acid), (contains soybeans)
Nutrition Facts: Per pack

Nutrition Facts

Per pack
Energy: 232kcal, Protein: 0g, Fat: 0g, Carbohydrate: 57.7g, Sodium: 32mg, Vitamin C: 20mg, Quince Extract: 78.4mg

Storage and handling precautions

Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.
This product contains 0.5% orange juice from a 6x concentrate and 0.16% quince juice from a 6.4x concentrate, which is equivalent to 3% and 1% fresh fruit juice, respectively.