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Kameda Seika  / Happy Turn 108g

Kameda Seika / Happy Turn 108g

Kameda Seika
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Happy Turn has become even more delicious. The new character "Prince Turn of Happy Kingdom" conveys its happy taste. The "bumpy zone" and "powder pocket" make the powder catching process possible. The dough is sandwiched and baked on a hot griddle. The secret behind the delicious taste of Kameda's Happy Turns is the magic, sweet-smelling Happy Powder. It comes in individual packages for easy eating. The secret to its deliciousness is the sweet, tasty Happy Powder.
Energy 21 kcal Protein 0.2 g Fat 1.1 g Carbohydrate 2.5 g Sodium 22 mg Salt equivalent 0.06 g


Rice (Uruchi rice (from the U.S. and Japan), glutinous rice (from Thailand)), vegetable oil and fat, sugar, starch, protein hydrolysate (including soybeans), salt, oil powder, processed starch, seasoning (amino acid), vegetable lecithin (from soybeans)