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KAO Biore Sarasara UV Mild Care Milk 120ml

KAO Biore Sarasara UV Mild Care Milk 120ml

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Bioré Sarasara UV Mild Care Milk is a mildly acidic sunscreen for the whole body that can be used with children.
It is easy to use when you go out every day and protects your skin from daily UV rays.
The mild acidity is the same as that of bare skin, making it gentle to use on children's skin.
The water-based formula glides on easily and does not leave a sticky residue.
It also makes sweaty skin more comfortable.
It can also be used as a base for makeup.
Contains sunflower extract and chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredients).
Alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and colorant-free.
Allergy tested. (Not all people are allergic to this product).

Apply a small amount of the product evenly to the skin. Do not apply too little or you will not get the full effect of sunscreen.
Avoid direct contact with clothing and allow to dry before wearing.
To maintain the effect, reapply frequently after wiping off sweat.
When removing, wash thoroughly with a facial cleanser or body wash.

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