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Kewpie Pasta Sauce Basil 23g x 2

Kewpie Pasta Sauce Basil 23g x 2

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Just toss over boiled pasta! This basil sauce is made from a paste of fragrant basil grown in Japan, with the added richness of cheese and almonds.

Name: Pasta sauce
Ingredients: basil paste (basil, vegetable oil and fat, salt), vegetable oil and fat, salt, sugar, cheese, almonds, vinegar, glucose fructose solution, yeast extract powder, chicken extract powder, spices, animal protein hydrolysate/tartrate, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), pH adjuster, colorant (safflower yellow, gardenia), thickener (xanthan gum), spice extract, (contains dairy ingredients, wheat, soybeans, chicken)
Contents: 23g x 2
Storage method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
Nutritional information: per serving: energy 113kcal, protein 0.9g, fat 10.9g, carbohydrate 2.3g, salt equivalent 2.0g
Allergen information: Contains milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans, and chicken.

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