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KOSÉ COMEPORT Fortune Lip Color Treatment 01 (Blooming Red)

KOSÉ COMEPORT Fortune Lip Color Treatment 01 (Blooming Red)

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Melting and plumping tinted lips with a hint of blood
A sheer red that is eye-catching and gorgeous, but doesn't make you feel like you're trying too hard.

The moment you put it on your lips, it melts into a moisturizing treatment.
A smooth texture that melts with your body heat and comfortably envelops even the most chapped lips.
It is a smooth texture that melts with body heat to comfortably envelop chapped lips, filling them with plenty of moisture to prevent dryness and irritation.

Rose and flower "moisture wrapping beauty oil" keeps lips moist and smooth.
With just one application, your lips will be plump and bouncy, with no lines or wrinkles.
It's not sticky, but it keeps your lips moist and shiny.

The tinted formula for long-lasting color.
The tinted formula gives your lips a translucent, translucent color that makes your lips look more radiant.
The tinted formula prevents the color from fading and leaves a natural color even after eating.

A slight fortune rose scent that brings happiness.