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KOSE COSME DECORTE  Phytotune Refining Softener

KOSE COSME DECORTE Phytotune Refining Softener

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An emulsion with the blessings of ancient plants. It unravels the skin and fills it with a feeling of glowing elasticity and vitality.

A collection of carefully selected plant blessings. It treats daily problems such as lack of moisture, pores, and lack of transparency, and leads to smooth and soft skin beauty. Gently loosens dull, hard skin that has lost moisture. Improves skin flexibility, leaving it glowing and elastic. Contains Ginger and Royal Jelly extracts. It fills the skin with moisture and gives it a bright luster. Gently refines the skin with a mild base to give it a vibrant look. Contains essential oils (fragrance). A fresh floral type fragrance with a hint of sweetness and gentle freshness, and herbal spices for a fresh and clear feeling. Stinging (skin irritation) tested (may not cause irritation in all users). Paraben free