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KOSE COSME DECORTÉ White Logist Bright Express <Replacement>

KOSE COSME DECORTÉ White Logist Bright Express

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The fruit of melanin research. The next generation of whitening. This next-generation whitening serum is the result of melanin research conducted by the whitologists behind Logical Whitening. It contains the active whitening ingredient kojic acid and the unique complex ingredient "Bright Equalizer. Cosme Decorte's cutting-edge science and whitening technology has been incorporated into this product. As if to dissipate all skin tone concerns, it spreads a clear, bright, and transparent feeling evenly over the entire skin. The Bright Express formula quickly delivers the active whitening ingredients to the skin. Fresh green floral scent amplifies the feeling of whitening effect and comfort. Suppresses melanin production to prevent spots and freckles.