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KOSE Softymo  Makeup Remover Sheet (Collagen) 52 sheets

KOSE Softymo Makeup Remover Sheet (Collagen) 52 sheets

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Just wipe it off to remove makeup and dirt from your skin!
This make-up remover sheet softens the skin and gives it a bouncy, vibrant look.
Just by gently stroking the sheet, you can easily remove makeup.
The cleansing liquid filled with beauty essence spreads out and gently removes makeup without rubbing. No need to rinse off.
Contains natural plant-derived mild cleansing ingredients*AL
Gently removes makeup without rubbing.
The newly developed sheet that gently removes makeup.
Three types of microfiber sheets are used, and the three-layered structure releases a rich cleansing liquid that removes makeup easily.
Contains beauty essence ingredients to care for the skin.
The sheet is made of microfibers and has a three-layer structure that releases a rich cleansing liquid to remove makeup smoothly.

Contains W collagen and BG (moisturizing ingredients) / Fragrance free / Colorant free / Slightly acidic

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