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KOSE Sekkisei Clear Wellness Natural Drip

KOSE Sekkisei Clear Wellness Natural Drip

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Mild like an essence, penetrates comfortably*. Lotion to improve the moisture barrier. Leaves skin smooth and clear. Penetrates to the stratum corneum.

A concentrated blend of nature's bounty nurtured by the beautiful earth. It is a lotion that leads to smooth and clear skin.

To be a lotion that your skin can live with for a long time. The lotion's mild, essence-like texture gently envelops the skin for comfortable daily care. The product is absorbed into the skin, filling it with moisture and leaving the surface of the skin non-greasy, leaving it smooth and smooth with fewer visible pores.

Contains ITOWA, a unique ingredient derived from the great outdoors of Japan. By increasing the quantity and quality of the moisture barrier, it prevents skin irritation and keeps the skin healthy and resistant to environmental troubles.

Contains clarity-boosting ingredients. Clarity-boosting ingredients accelerate transparency.

The scent is clear and fresh, evoking the breath of nature.



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