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Kracie [Box Sale]Happy Kitchen Doughnuts 41g (90 pieces)

Kracie [Box Sale]Happy Kitchen Doughnuts 41g (90 pieces)

Kracie Foods
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Let's make delicious sweets easily!

It's easy to make authentic sweets.

Flavors: Custard & Cocoa

This is a product that even children can easily make authentic sweets. You can make 2 custard and 2 cocoa doughnuts each (4 total). You can also mix them together to make mixed donuts.
The kit also includes a vanilla sauce base, a strawberry sauce base, a chocolate sauce base, a squeezable bag for chocolate pens, colorful toppings, and crunch.
You can decorate them in any way you like, including animal shapes.
All you need to prepare is water! There is also a tray for mixing the cream, so there is no need to prepare anything else.


Allergens (mandatory and recommended)
Wheat, milk, soybeans

This product is manufactured in the same facilities as products containing eggs. Some of the ingredients are produced in factories that manufacture products containing peanuts.

Nutritional Information

Per serving (41g) [Calorific value 181kcal / Protein 0.5g / Fat 4.5g / Carbohydrate 35g / Sodium 21mg / Calcium 139mg].