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Kracie Nerikyan Land Grape + Soda 42g

Kracie Nerikyan Land Grape + Soda 42g

Kracie Foods
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You can create any color and shape you want with these soft candies, just like Nendoroid!

You can roll them up, stretch them out, and create new colors... You can create various shapes with soft candies just like with Nendo.

There are four types of molds at the bottom of the tray. One of them is included in the package.
There is a "Let's make nerune" corner in the middle roll. There is a corner where you can easily make nerune and neruru.

The Popin' Cookies® series is designed to nurture children's creativity.

Children can freely create their own original shapes with soft soft candies. You can freely combine the soft candies by rolling, stretching, and creating new colors using your imagination.

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