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Kracie / Nerunerunerune Soda Flavor

Kracie / Nerunerunerune Soda Flavor

Kracie Foods
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When you add water and knead, the candy changes color and becomes fluffy and puffy!
Add toppings for a tasty treat!
Contains calcium. No synthetic colors or preservatives.
Can be eaten with peace of mind.
Soda flavor. Topping is "Colorful Ramune"!


Sugar, candy powder, glucose, starch, egg white powder, dietary fiber (polydextrose), water candy/xylitol, acidulant, baking soda, flavoring, polysaccharide thickener, emulsifier, calcium carbonate, coloring (spirina blue, carotenoid, gardenia, vegetable coloring, fruit coloring), (contains some vegetables)