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LABO LABO Super Pore Peeling Gel 120g

LABO LABO Super Pore Peeling Gel 120g

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Renewed peeling gel that removes dead skin cells, keratin plugs, and dirt that cannot be removed with daily care!

Four kinds of AHA ingredients and natural scrub clear deep into the pores.
It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.
It can also be used on wet skin, so you can do a peeling massage even during bath time.
The pore tightening and moisturizing ingredients will lead to smooth, clear, and beautiful skin.

1. Clears rough skin with just a gentle massage
Naturally derived lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid, and four types of AHA ingredients (keratin care ingredients) dissolve dead skin cells and keratin plugs that cause pores to open, and support skin turnover. Just by gently massaging, you will feel your skin become smooth and soft after just one use.
2. Gentle manna scrub for sensitive skin
The scrub is made of spherical mannan. The scrub is made of spherical mannan, a 100% natural plant material derived from konjak potatoes, which is gentle to the environment and the skin. Mannan, with its excellent adsorption properties, firmly holds in and removes dead skin cells and sebum that cannot be removed by daily cleansing or face washing. Also, when it absorbs water, its surface softens, making it mild enough to be used by people with sensitive skin.

How to use

Massage gently with fingertips in a circular motion until the skin begins to exfoliate. 3 to 4 pushes of the appropriate amount is placed in the palm of your hand and spread over the entire skin, avoiding the eye and mouth area.
Gently massage in a circular motion with your fingertips until you start to feel a glow. Then rinse off with water or lukewarm water.

Recommended usage: 3 to 4 pushes, appropriate amount
Recommended usage period: About 1 month