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LEVANTE LITS Revival Series Golden Night Jelly EX

LEVANTE LITS Revival Series Golden Night Jelly EX

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A nighttime beauty jelly that provides plumping, firmness, and moisture. It combines the freshness of jelly with the richness of a cream and envelops the skin with a pleasant fragrance and elasticity. Romantic wood scent (no synthetic fragrance)

This beauty cream jelly contains the equivalent of one million plant stem cells (*1) to fill every inch of the keratinized skin layer with moisture for impressive firmness and elasticity.
*1 Per bottle of the product
*2 Apple fruit cultured cell extract, Chrysomum maritimum callus cultured liquid, Eryngium maritimum callus cultured liquid (all moisturizing)

Shape memory cream jelly with 3D matrix formula
Contains "Iris" to prevent dark circles around eyes (hesperidin methyl chalcone, dipeptide-2, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7: all moisturizing)

How to use

At the end of your nighttime routine, dispense an appropriate amount (approx. the size of a pearl) into your hand, lightly smooth the jelly over your palm, and gently blend it over your face. Gently smooth over your face. For dry areas, we recommend applying a layer.