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L'Oreal shu uemura shu uemura perfector oil

L'Oreal shu uemura shu uemura perfector oil

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Winner of Best Cosmetics 2016!
An oil experience for the senses.
Silky, soft, and smooth. For glowing* skin.

An enchanting oil experience by Shu Uemura, the pioneer of oil.

Smell: The harmony of nature played by natural aromas.
Touch: A light texture that blends easily into the skin
Feel the possibilities of oil. Feel: the potential of oil, the supple texture of skin
Discover smooth skin with a beautiful makeup finish.
How to use

Apply 2 drops as an oil primer at the end of your morning skincare routine before applying makeup.
It will make your makeup go on much better and give you a more beautiful finish.

At the end of your evening skincare routine, apply 4 drops as an oil finisher.
It's like an oil pack for daily intensive care. Your skin will be more moist and supple the next morning.