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Lotte ACUO Tablet <Clear Mint> 7g (50 grains)×10 pieces

Lotte ACUO Tablet 7g (50 grains)×10 pieces

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ACUO was developed as a gum that responds to the desire of men and women in their 20s and 30s to enjoy a tasteful mint gum for themselves, and was launched in August 2006. The development project team's goal was to create a completely new gum brand, and the goal was to create the No. 1 and only mint gum. The product name "ACUO" is Latin for "stimulate" or "sharpen". The packaging is an innovative design that emphasizes a simple sense of style, with an inorganic color scheme and small LOTTE letters. In addition, new technologies such as the MFL Aquocapsule have realized a refreshing flavor and long-lasting fresh breath. Thanks to its success, it has won numerous awards and has grown to become one of Lotte's representative products.