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LUPICIA Deep-steamed sencha 'Omaesama' 100g bag

LUPICIA Deep-steamed sencha 'Omaesama' 100g bag

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Dark, sweet, and not astringent!
A tea that says, "Gozen-sama," with a sense of respect for others. A mellow deep-steamed sencha tea with the three requisites of being strong, sweet, and not astringent.

A new addition to the Lupicia line of Japanese teas.
It is available in a 100g package and 25 teabags, and comes in a stand-type package with a zipper so that it can be easily consumed every day.

The color of the water is dark green, and it has a mild fullness and a gentle aroma that makes you feel relaxed.
Based on the elegant and soft taste of Asatsuyu, a specialty of Kagoshima, Okumidori Kabusecha from Kyoto, which has a strong sweetness, is blended to give depth to the overall flavor.
The overall balance of the tea gives it a refreshing taste with no lingering aftertaste, so it is sure to please those who drink a lot of tea every day as well as those who are not used to drinking Japanese tea.

Recommended way to brew
Even if you brew it with boiling water, it does not become astringent, so you can enjoy it easily without worrying about it. Iced tea with water is also recommended.

How to brew (150ml per cup)
Amount of tea leaves: 4-5g
Hot water temperature 75-100℃.
Infusion time 45 seconds to 1 minute
Infusion: 1 to 2 times