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LUPICIA Fukamushi Sencha 'Ukiyo Ichibugori' 25 Tea Bags

LUPICIA Fukamushi Sencha 'Ukiyo Ichibugori' 25 Tea Bags

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A light, fragrant scent.
"A pun on the phrase "this world is a small thing. A fragrant deep-steamed sencha for a relaxing sigh of relief.

A new addition to Lupicia's Japanese tea range.
Available in 100g and 25 teabags, it is easy to purchase at a reasonable price and comes in a stand-type package with a zipper.

I like simple, fragrant tea! This is definitely recommended for those who like simple, fragrant tea.
When tea is roasted, many new aromas that were not present before are created.
The roasting process is to adjust the strength and balance of the aroma.
After many trials, we have created a tea that has a sweet aroma reminiscent of caramel.
The tea is a deep steamed tea, so it has a rich flavor, but the stems, which are often removed to balance the appearance, are left in large quantities to create a fragrant and refreshing aftertaste.
It is the best tea to drink during and after meals or when you want to refresh yourself.

The tea is very fragrant and fragrant, and was named in the hope that its fragrance would help people forget their daily worries and take a breather.

Recommended way to brew
The tea does not become astringent even when brewed with boiling water, so you can enjoy it without worrying about it. Iced tea is also recommended.

The water color is slightly yellowish compared to regular sencha because the tea is cooked more strongly to create a fragrant aroma.

How to brew (110ml per cup)
Hot water temperature: 75-100℃.
Infusion time: 45 seconds to 1 minute