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LUPICIA   Piccolo Herb Tea Bags (10 bags) [Non-Caffeinated

LUPICIA Piccolo Herb Tea Bags (10 bags) [Non-Caffeinated

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Gorgeous berries, apricots and honey give this rooibos a sweet and gentle aroma that can be enjoyed with children. It is also delicious with milk.

Rooibos blended with berries, apricots and honey. The rich, sweet, and fruity aroma is a perfect match for rooibos.
This is Lupicia's representative long-selling tea that is immensely popular among caffeine-free products.
It was named "PICCOLO" (meaning "small" in Italian) because it has no caffeine and is recommended for children. The small and cute yellow arare decorates the tea in a cute way.
It is especially recommended as a gift for people who are concerned about caffeine.

How to brew (150ml for a cup)
Water temperature: boiling water
Infusion time: 3 to 5 minutes

Information and Notes
Shelf life: 2 years from manufacture

Rooibos, arare (glutinous rice), flavoring, coloring (gardenia yellow)
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