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LUPICIA Tea and Tea Utensils "Happiness" Set

LUPICIA Tea and Tea Utensils "Happiness" Set

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A special gift
Put a message of joy on the label. Convey your joy with message labels.
Include your name or birthday on the label to say "Nice to meet you" as a private gift!

Information and Notes
Best before date: 60 days (Long Po Wan), 2 years (Tea)
Allergenic ingredients: wheat, egg, and milk (Long Po Wan)

Specifications and Standards

Product Specifications
Set includes: Piccolo, Decaf White Peach in 50g cans each, Rompo One Classic Vanilla, Rompo One Darjeeling & Orange in 6 pieces each, Original Dozal Spoon Mold (Silver), Original Handy Cooler 1/2 (Half) Raspberry 600ml, Bouquet (Bouquet may differ from photo) bouquet (bouquet may differ from photo)

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