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Mandom Bifesta Uru-Ochiru Water Cleansing Sheet 46 Sheets Moist

Mandom Bifesta Uru-Ochiru Water Cleansing Sheet 46 Sheets Moist

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Moisturizing cleansing ingredients derived from lotion protect moisture while quickly lifting and enveloping makeup oil to easily remove not only makeup stains but also dead skin cells that cause dullness. Just by gently stroking, it removes dark eye makeup, foundation from pores, and even dullness without rubbing, leaving your skin looking clearer every time you use it.

From makeup remover to toner, it's easy with just one sheet!
This cleanser is made from lotion ingredients, so you can remove makeup and lotion all in one! No need to rinse off.

Remove makeup with just one sheet!
Large sheet (150mm x 200mm) that can wipe off your entire face with one sheet.
Each sheet contains approximately 5.9ml of cleansing liquid.
Gentle and soft sheet for the skin.
Each sheet contains approximately 5.9ml of cleansing liquid.

Brightens the skin
Cleanses melanin keratin and pore dirt! 〜Blackhead and pore type
Contains moisturizing vitamin C and lactic acid, a type of AHA.
It does not leave a sticky residue, but leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

1 Dead skin cells including melanin
2 Blackheads = dirt in pores

Contains moisturizing cleansing ingredients

Contains moisturizing vitamin C
Contains lactic acid (keratin softening ingredient)
Contains bis-glyceryl ascorbic acid

Fragrance-free, colorant-free, oil-free

Directions for use

1. Large sheets are filled with cleansing liquid, so one sheet is enough to remove makeup.
Remove one sheet at a time and apply to dry skin. Start with point makeup around the eyes and mouth. For eye makeup, let the folded sheet blend for a while, then gently wipe off.
Fold the sheet over to wipe on a clean surface and repeat until there is no more dirt on the sheet.
When there is no more dirt on the sheet, makeup removal is complete. There is no need to rinse off as the moisturizing ingredients will remain on your skin. Adjust the number of sheets you use according to the intensity of your makeup.

For eye makeup, use a pinpoint touch!
Place the folded sheet on your eyelid for about 10 seconds and gently wipe it off, being careful not to get it in your eyes. Don't rub in eyeliner or mascara, but apply the folded edge of the sheet and blend further.

Fold and wipe away any fine lines!
Surprisingly, there are many places where mascara is left on, such as the corners of the eyes, around the nose, and in the eyebrows. Use the folded edge of the sheet to wipe off small areas. Now you're ready to wipe!