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Maruchan /  Maruchan Seimen cup tantanmen 120g

Maruchan / Maruchan Seimen cup tantanmen 120g

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The Maruchan Shomen Cup is an innovative cup noodle series that offers a new texture like fresh noodles by simply adding hot water. The noodles have been renewed to be even smoother and easier to break up.
The texture is smooth and transparent, with the consistency of fresh noodles. Noodle weight 65g. 5 minutes rehydration. A thick and rich sesame miso-based soup made with pork extract, white miso and sesame paste. The numbing hot and spicy taste of the soup is created by adding Chinese pepper and raayu. Contains coarsely ground chili peppers, seasoned minced meat, ground sesame seeds, and green onions.