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Maruchan  / Mini Maru Somen 37g x 12 pcs (Mini Size)

Maruchan / Mini Maru Somen 37g x 12 pcs (Mini Size)

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A mini version of Dekamaru. It is not just a mini version, but a satisfying mini version with the best noodles, soup, and ingredients. The soup is made with bonito, kelp, and shiitake mushroom broth, with a hint of yuzu flavor, and smooth, thin noodles with just the right amount of elasticity. The ingredients are egg and shiitake mushrooms, kamaboko (fish paste), and green onions. The weight of the noodles is 30g, and they can be rehydrated for 3 minutes. The concept is "a little bit authentic" for those who just want to have a little bit of authentic cup noodles. The concept is "A little authentic! The volume is perfect for lunch boxes and snacks.


Fried noodles (wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, starch, salt, egg white), seasoning (salt, sugar, bonito extract, soy sauce, shiitake mushroom extract, green onion, protein hydrolysate, mirin seasoning powder, kelp extract, spices, vegetable oil), seasoning (egg, shiitake mushroom, fish paste), processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), phosphate (Na) Processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), phosphate (Na), calcium carbonate, caramel color, lecithin, polysaccharide thickener, antioxidant (vitamin E), flavoring, red yeast rice color, sweetener (candlenut), vitamin B2, vitamin B1, carotene color, (contains milk ingredients and mackerel)