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Marukome Liquid miso "Ryotei no Aji" 430g

Marukome Liquid miso "Ryotei no Aji" 430g

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"It's hard to make dashi.
In 1981, a customer's comment led to the start of the "Dashi-iru Miso Project.
The current "Ryotei no Aji" series was created by utilizing the flavors of Japanese ingredients that have supported the health of families.
Based on the flavorful red miso that is the hallmark of Ryotei no Aji, this liquid miso is infused with high-quality bonito and kelp dashi.
The shape of the bottle has been changed to make it easier to hold and release the contents.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Rice miso, salt, sugar, protein hydrolysate, bonito powder, bonito extract, Soda bonito powder, kelp extract, sake, seasoning (amino acids, etc.)