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Marutai Kumamoto Black Maru Tonkotsu Ramen x 30 pcs Set

Marutai Kumamoto Black Maru Tonkotsu Ramen x 30 pcs Set

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With black marinade.
If you like, you can garnish with roast pork, spring onions, kikurage, boiled egg, etc. for an even better taste.


Ingredients of Kumamoto Black Maru Tonkotsu Ramen
Rice noodles (wheat flour, salt, vegetable protein, reduced syrup), meat extract (pork, chicken), marinade (pork fat, soybean oil, garlic, etc.), salt, soy sauce powder, spices, sugars (dextrose, sugar, lactose), animal and vegetable fats (pork fat, sesame oil), starch, protein hydrolysate, vegetable powder, roasted garlic, yeast extract, seafood extract, seasonings (fish, shellfish, etc.) Fish and shellfish extracts, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), brine, acidulant, gardenia, pH adjuster, caramel color, antioxidant (vitamin E), (includes shrimp, gelatin, and milk ingredients)
Standard nutritional ingredients per serving (93g)
Energy ... 339 kcaL
Fat ... 6.5g
Carbohydrate ... 56.7g
Sodium ... 2.3g

Precautions for use

Black grains may appear in the broth, but this is roasted garlic, so please do not worry.