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Meishoku Plasehouiter Medicated Whitening Essence Cream 55g

Meishoku Plasehouiter Medicated Whitening Essence Cream 55g

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When it comes to cosmetics for the eye area, anti-wrinkle products are the standard.
However, if we could also take care of the dark circles and dullness that affect our appearance...
It is with this in mind that Plasehouter was born.
Place white was created with this in mind and contains a high concentration of placenta to ensure that its effects can be felt. We hope you will give it a try.

The cream is designed to penetrate deep into the skin to fight the signs of aging. A full-face anti-wrinkle cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. It also helps to make your skin clear, firm, and radiant.
It is also recommended for intensive care before bedtime.
White floral scent

How to use

After toning and conditioning your skin, dispense an appropriate amount onto your fingertips and gently blend it

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into your skin.
It can be used as an anti-blemish treatment for the entire face (*1) or as an intensive care before bedtime.
For areas of particular concern, we recommend applying a generous amount in layers.
(*1) Suppresses melanin production and prevents blemishes